Enter the new Aura Clean System

Orbital Facial Brush & Cleaning Station

Our road to the creation of the World’s cleanest facial brush wasn’t an easy one.
The bathroom landscape is fraught with challenges. We realized that with even the most technically advanced facial brush out there, if you are using a filthy facial brush on your face, it isn’t living up to its intended use and if anything encouraging the nasty elements to help create bad skin and acne. We just couldn’t accept any obstacles to reach that higher clean.
We worked at TAO Clean to refocus on the purpose of the facial brush: delivering a superior facial cleanse when in use and keeping it clean and ready when not.
TAO Clean proudly presents the Aura Clean System - Orbital Facial Brush & Cleaning Station, fresh from our quest of providing our users with the ultimate clean.

Launching May 2016. Be the first line.