5 Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

If you’re part of the TAO Clean Family, then you have a priority for keeping things clean! We understand that desire reaches all aspects of your life, so steal these time-saving tips for a sparkling home. 

  1. For a clean microwave in minutes, combine a cup of water with either lemon slices or lemon juice and microwave the mixture for a couple of minutes. Once finished, wait 5 minutes then remove the bowl and wipe down the inside of the microwave with a sponge or towel. No more minutes wasted scrubbing your microwave!
  2. Your sink looks gorgeous when it’s clean, but usually, it ends up covered in water spots until you get to clean it and who has time to clean their sink every day? To keep your bathroom and kitchen sinks looking nice all week long, try leaving a piece of wax paper in a nearby drawer to wipe down any metal fixtures with water spots to maintain their shine. 
  3. In case you may have ended up with crayon all over one of your walls, there’s an easy way to remove such pieces of art without fully repainting. Spraying glass cleaner on crayon drawings will easily remove marks, so you can still have guests over for dinner without fear of judgment for how you maintain your home.
  4. Living with pets means pet hair everywhere including your couch, but how do you de-lint an entire piece of furniture? Spray your fabric pieces with water and squeegee all of that pet hair up, so you don’t have to take a lint roller and several hours to have a hair-free loveseat. 
  5. Stainless steel is so tricky, it seems to hold onto fingerprints like it needs them for evidence later. But fear not! Spray down your stainless steel appliances with Pledge and all remnants of oily fingers will be removed so you will be left with a spotless home. 

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