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Refreshed, Glowing Skin

The TAO Clean ONA Diamond Facial Brush gently cleanses using powerful rotational technology more capable than manual washing and includes a patented UV-C charging station that kills 99.9% of all germs after each use.

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Brighter, Healthier Smiles

The TAO Clean UMMA Diamond Sonic Toothbrush is the premier oral care brush equipped with a patented Germ Shield UV-C Light docking station which kills 99.9% of all germs on your brush head after each use.

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Our Philosophy is Clean and Simple

TAO Clean, short for “The Art Of Clean,” is a lifestyle concept guiding us to live cleanly in mind, body, and spirit and encourages us to understand and appreciate the connection between art and design.

We recognize that elegant design is how something works, not just what it looks like. So we work hard to make our products practical, innovative, and of course, beautiful.